Uitsab is located approximately 25 km west of Grootfontein. It is a historic vanadium-copper-lead mine occurring in a shear zone striking north to northwest in Elandshoek Formation dolomite. Approximately 800t of vanadium concentrate was produced from a small opencast mine.

The minerals found include descloizite, vanadinite and pyromorphite. Copper and lead sulphides are disseminated in clusters of recrystallised dolomite adjacent to fault zones.

The Uitsab prospect appears to be a breccia pipe structure similar to Abenab.

40 surface samples were taken from waste dumps and tailings around the historic open pit that has a historic production of 60,000t at 1.4% vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) between 1920-1940. Areas of tailings were sampled with a powered auger on a grid spacing of 25m x 25m with holes drilled to depths ranging from 0.3m to 1m. The 20 samples of tails taken had maximum assay values of 0.77 V2O5, 0.2% Cu, 2.1% Pb and 0.7% Zn. The waste dump/ stockpiles were sampled on a 25m x 25m grid with rock chip samples taken at a depth of 0.25m. The 20 samples taken had maximum assay values of 0.5% V2O5, 0.1% Cu, 1.3% Pb and 0.5% Zn. The vanadium and basemetal grades of the surface material at Utisab are comparable to the grades reported by Golden Deeps Limited (ASX:GED) at the Abenab Mine where processing of stockpiles and tails is planned1 .

Regional soil sampling located a >1000ppm lead soil anomaly 1.2km along strike to the west of Utisab. The anomaly strikes east-west and extends over 1km. Prospecting at the eastern end of the anomaly located a historic working in brecciated dolomite with coarse galena. Additional prospecting and sampling is planned.

Location of Uitsab project Sampling

1GED ASX announcement dated 20 January 2020 ‘Surface mineralised material extended at Abenab Mine’. The Company is not aware of any new information or data that materially effects the information shown here


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