Hoek Other Prospects

The Hoek Trend hosts a number of historical, and recently discovered, prospect areas aside from the Driehoek deposits. These prospects remain largely untested and include Bergvark to the west, and Rutimelt to the east, of Driehoek as well as Driehoek South (see below).

Surface geochemistry shows a number of potential target areas and prospects along strike from Driehoek,
including Bergvark, Rutimelt & Hoba Ost.

Sabre's exploration program on the Hoek Trend has included a program of systematic surface sampling and prospecting along the eastern extensions of the Trend from Driehoek. The soil sampling was recently completed between Driehoek and Hoba Ost, with the most significant target highlight being ‘Rutimelt’.

A view east along the Hoek Trend, with the Rutimelt malachite-chalcocite gossan in the foreground.

Rutimelt Cu-Pb-Zn

The Rutimelt prospect was located as the result of Sabres work program on the Hoek Trend and is marked by an area of base metal-rich (Copper-Lead-Zinc) gossan occupying a ridgeline. This prospect appears to share more in common with the Guchab deposit to the south, than the nearby Driehoek Zinc-Lead deposits.

Sabre looks forward to updating investors as exploration progresses along the Hoek Trend.



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