Guchab Canyon

The Guchab Canyon (‘Canyon’) lies on the eastern side of the Guchab mountain and is centred around the mine workings on the Eastern Adits and the High Valley, covering more than 400 metres of strike. 


Satellite imagery of the Guchab area showing infrastructure, and an outline of the surface geochemistry
with drill pad locations. The Guchab Canyon takes in the eastern side of the Guchab mountain, including
Pads 1, 4 & 5.

Drilling commenced at Pad 1 on the Eastern Adits in July 2012 and yielded a number of excellent results, including:

GCDD0001 107.75 m @ 1.15% Copper & 6.93 gpt Silver from 0.60 metres

GCDD0005 22.20 m @ 3.45% Copper & 29.67 gpt Silver from Surface

Drilling later moved to Pad 2 on the western side of the Guchab mountain, with further success before moving on to Pad 4 in the High Valley, where the rig conducted a short program of two holes in late 2012, before being removed from site. Results included:

GCDD0011 18.85 m @ 1.06% Copper & 15.05 gpt Silver from 42.22 metres

Drilling recommenced mid-January 2013 with a new drilling contractor working from Pad 5, some 65 metres to the south of Pad 1, on the Eastern Adits. The drilling was designed to test the extents of the mineralisation defined from Pad 1, as well as extending the strike length of the mineralisation. Drilling has continued to intersect broad zones of significant copper-silver mineralisation including:

GCDD0014 53.10 m @ 1.23% Copper & 11.20 gpt Silver from Surface

GCDD0015 51.85 m @ 1.35% Copper & 15.45 gpt Silver from 0.31 metres

GCDD0019 45.65 m @ 1.04% Copper & 12.27 gpt Silver from 58.35 metres

A Lidar image of the topography of the Guchab Canyon (looking from the northeast) showing the zone of outcropping mineralisation, location of the existing drill pad pads and mineralisation model on the Eastern Adits.

The zone of near surface mineralisation in the Canyon has now been defined over 130 metres of strike, is 30-40 metres wide and explored to around 70 metres depth, however it remains open in all directions. 

The ongoing drill program is designed with a number of aims, including:

  1. Defining the extents of mineralisation between Pads 1 and 4 (over more than 400 metres of strike),
  2. Exploration of the depth extensions of the mineralised system in the Guchab canyon, and
  3. The definition of a JORC resource.

Sabre’s Phase 1 Exploration Target for the Guchab Canyon, & its surrounds, is:

5-10 million Tonnes @ 1-3% Copper & 10-30 gpt Silver*

*The potential quantity and grade of the Guchab deposits is conceptual in nature, as Sabre has determined that insufficient work has been undertaken to define a mineral resource and it is uncertain if further exploration will result in the determination of a mineral resource. The ‘exploration target’ is based upon the success of the drilling program to date and the mapped extents of copper mineralisation in the Guchab canyon.


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