The literal translation for ‘Eisernenhut’ is ‘Iron Hat’ but it is the German word for ‘gossan’. The prospect is located on the top of a mountain, over 1900 metres above sea level, with a commanding view of the Otavi Mountain Land.

Photo taken standing on the Eisernenhut, looking north across the Otavi Mountain Land.

The prospect was discovered in the course of prospecting and mining through the GMC in the 1900s. The prospect was located by Sabre in late 2012 in the course of mapping of the area. Subsequent detailed mapping and sampling of the prospect discovered a number of old pits and shafts, where high grade ore had been extracted over more than 30 metres of elevation down the mountainside. The mineralisation at Eisernenhut appears to be hosted by a breccia pipe and takes the form of a ‘quartz-malachite-chalcocite stock work’ that is overlain by an iron–rich, silica gossan at surface.

A Sample of the Eisernenhut Stockwork

Initial exploration will focus on initial channel sampling of the Eisernenhut area, with diamond drilling to follow.


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