The Schlangental prospect is located on the western side of the Guchab Mining Centre (‘GMC’), on the flats of the Schlangental valley. The prospect was discovered by Sabre in the course of exploration of the GMC and is defined by a number of shallow open pits dating back to the early 1900s. The pits had been excavated to a depth of 3-4 metres, with recent channel sampling by Sabre returning results of:

SCCS0001 15 metres @ 4.21% Copper & 28.06 gpt Silver

SCCS0003 42 metres @ 3.58% Copper & 18.34 gpt Silver

A program of shallow percussion drilling has now been completed across the Schlangental valley. The drilling was designed to penetrate below the soil and sand cover across the prospect area and outline the mineralised halo surrounding the open pits, thereby allowing the effective targeting of a program of deeper RC and diamond drilling.




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